Children’s Clinic, LLC, located at Destrehan and Metairie in LA, has board-certified physicians offering world-class pediatric services. Meet our team of compassionate and friendly physicians all of whom have individual experience of over 30 years in the field.

Dr. Muhammad Shuja

Dr. Shuja is a board-certified pediatrician. After finishing his residency in pediatrics and fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Dr. Shuja began his career in private practice in 1982 by opening his first pediatric clinic in Metairie. As a father of three children, he understands what a parent goes through when a child is sick. Along with providing medical assistance to the child, he strives to comfort the anxious parents. You will always see Dr. Shuja smiling and his smile always passes on to his patients!

Dr. Tasneim Suleman

Dr. Suleman is a board-certified pediatrician. She finished her residency in pediatrics in New York. She has been in private practice in the New Orleans area since 1980s and has been associated with Children’s Clinic, LLC, for the last 15 years. Dr. Suleman’s patients love her for the compassionate care she provides.

Dr. Neela Shukla

Dr. Shukla is a board-certified pediatrician, who finished her residency in pediatrics at LSU and has been in private practice since 1980s. She joined Children’s Clinic, LLC, five years ago and works diligently in providing the utmost care to her patients.